linguistic anthropology lab


Housed in Anthropology, the Lab is UCSD’s hub for research in linguistic anthropology; it welcomes not just specialists, but all those interested in linguistic anthropological methods and theories. It is located in the Social Sciences Research Building, Room 340 (see map).

All events are held in the Lab, unless otherwise noted.


Announcements and Upcoming Events

Welcome to Michael Hillyer, who is joining us as an incoming graduate student. He is interested in social media and language activism in Yucatec Mayan.

We're pleased to welcome back Michael Berman (PhD UCSD) as a lecturer in Anthropology. He works on compassion, alienation, and liberal secularism in Japan.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Linguistic Anthropology is offering the following courses:
- ANSC 122. Language in Society (DEI; Yeh, fall)
- ANSC 162. Language, Identity, and Community (DEI; Berman, winter)
- ANSC 191. Narrative and Subjectivity (Yeh, winter)
- ANSC 118. Language and Culture (Hicks, spring)
- ANSC 141. Language, Politics, and Identity (Berman, spring)
- ANTH 280F. Core Seminar in Linguistic Anthropology (Yeh, spring)

Virginia Escobedo, Center for US-Mexican Studies (UCSD)
Fri, Oct 23

Jessica López-Espino, American Bar Foundation
Fri, Nov 20

Cécile Evers, Pomona