linguistic anthropology lab


Housed in Anthropology, the Lab is UCSD’s hub for research in linguistic anthropology; it welcomes not just specialists, but all those interested in linguistic anthropological methods and theories. It is located in the Social Sciences Research Building, Room 340 (see map).

All events are held in the Lab, unless otherwise noted. We usually meet every other Friday from 1-2:40pm.



Welcome to Zhané Gaillard! She is joining us as an incoming graduate student; her work is on Black American language varieties, authenticity, linguistic reappropriation, and social media.

We're thrilled to have Michael Berman (PhD UCSD) as a Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology and a core researcher affiliated with the Lab. He works on compassion, alienation, and liberal secularism in Japan.

Students can now get academic credit for attending the Linguistic Anthropology Workshop: 1 unit per quarter for up to 4 quarters. The course number is ANTH 241.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Linguistic Anthropology is offering the following courses:
- AN 4. Words and Worlds: Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (DEI; Yeh, fall)
- ANSC 122. Language in Society (DEI; Yeh, fall)
- ANSC 131. Language, Law, and Social Justice (DEI; Hallingstad O'Brien, fall)
- ANSC 162. Language, Identity, and Community (DEI; Berman, winter)
- ANTH 279. Special Topics in Language and Society: Semiotics of Sight (Yeh, winter)
- ANSC 118. Language and Culture (Berman, spring)


Fall 2021 calendar [download flyer]

Sandhya Narayanan, University of Nevada, Reno
‘Ni Paisana; Ni Jacinta’: Language and the Interstices of Indigenous Femininity in Peru
Fri, Oct 1

Anita Chang, CSU, East Bay
Book talk and workshop on Third Digital Documentary: A Theory and Practice of Digital Arts Activism, Critical Design and Ethics (on indigenous language revitalization in Taiwan and Hawai'i)
co-hosted by the Linguistic Field Research Lab
Fri, Oct 15

Reading session on transcription (prequel to Feb 2022 transcription masterclass with Jillian Cavanaugh, CUNY)
Fri, Oct 29

Michael Berman, UCSD
Introduction, Heart of a Heartless World: Alienation, Compassion, and Listening in the Making of Secularist Japan
(workshop of pre-circulated chapter from book manuscript)
Discussant: Shunsuke Nozawa, Hokkaido University
Fri, Nov 12, 4-5:40

Kitchen Session
Formerly known as “data sessions,” the Ling Anth Lab’s Kitchen Sessions provide a friendly, low-stakes setting where grad students and faculty can share raw ethnographic materials and collectively brainstorm directions for analysis. Presenters from any department are welcome. No background in linguistic anthropology is required, just an interest in exploring what this kind of approach to your materials can yield. Click here for more details.
Fri, Dec 3